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Can I upload a resume when applying?

You can upload a resume and a letter. 

How does applying for jobs work?

If you view a vacancy, you can click on 'apply'. 

Do I always have to send an accompanying letter?

A cover letter is mandatory, we recommend that you add it as a motivation to your application.

As which file should I upload my letter?

We recommend that you upload your cover letter as a PDF, as this can be opened by any employer. In Word of course is also possible.  

The website is not displaying properly, what should I do?

If the website does not display properly, it is best to try another web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. 

It is also possible that the 'old' website is in your favorites. Delete this and add the website to your favorites again.

Why do I have to read and accept a privacy policy?

By accepting, you give us permission to store your data. This is of course also necessary to be able to make your application known.

By indicating that you have read the privacy regulations, you will know what we will, but especially not, do with the data you have entered.